Sunday, June 15, 2014

Things in life I hate (as opposed to things I hate about being freelance)

Hate is a seriously strong word.  In fact, I'm one of those annoying people that believe we should all be more careful with our words...and use the right words.  Not everything is awesome...and we don't love everyone we meet.  This is my list of no particular order:
  1. I hate the Hunger Games.  I find it revolting that it was published.  It's even more revolting that society as a whole made it popular.  Take children, set up a lottery system, and the "winners" get to fight to the death.  Why, yes.  That seems great.  As much as I love survival of the fittest...that doesn't include the encouragement of murdering others for the advancement of self.  Those "winners" are fighting for the amusement of the rich.  Like someone on Twitter said: it's rich versus poor.  Here we sit, as a whole, glorifying this twisted version of entertainment.  For the record, I didn't like Lord of The Flies when I read it while in high school many moons ago.  At least those boys were stranded.  There was no twisted concept of fun for the adults.  It was a story of survival with no ulterior motive.
  2. I hate the expense of education.  No, I don't believe that everyone needs a college education.  It's true.  Not everyone does.  Consider Bill Gates, Christine Comaford-Lynch, and other successful individuals who did not go to college.  Those that want to go should be able to afford to go.  At the end of the day, I'm all for student loans.  Why?  Because people can't take your education away.  Your house could burn down.  Your dog could get hit by a car.  Those things are terrible...but those things can be replaced.  No one can suck the education out of your head (but some will suck the intelligence out and give you the dumb).  I understand the need to charge for higher education.  I work in that capacity.  I have bills to pay.  Let me tell you - I don't get paid very well.  I am only paid for the teaching time they assign me.  I am not paid for preparing, grading, or things that get done off the clock because they must be done.  The profits and interest generated on student loans is staggering.  Again, no one can take your education away.  If you want one, get one even if it means loans.
  3. I hate people who conduct smear campaigns using information they know isn't true.  People like that are the jock itch a football player can't scratch in the middle of a play on a 80 degree day.  This is particularly true for people who aren't public figures.  News sells and it is said that even bad press is good press.  Yet saying shit that isn't true...knowing how it can damage the profession of someone...or life.  It's sad that people have so much time on their hands that they have to lie about others to keep themselves entertained.
  4. I hate the rape culture that is so prevalent in our society.  A girl wearing provocative clothing should not be raped.  A girl whose nipple is showing shouldn't be raped.  Men can show their nipples all the time...yet a woman's is some how deemed obscene.  A girl who drinks too much shouldn't be raped.  In fact, even if she says yes...if you know she's drank too much, your answer should be no.  A woman who flirts should not be raped.  There is no room for jokes or victim shaming.  Control starts with yourself.  You wouldn't want that to happen to your mom, your sister, your grandma, or your daughter.  That woman is someone's daughter.  Doesn't matter if she's a scantily clad stripper or a nun.  No means no.  Drunk means no.  Passed out means no.
  5. I hate narcissists.  I don't mean people who are obnoxious and slightly self centered.  I mean those who are or who could be diagnosed as a narcissist.  The ones who project their bullshit actions onto their victims to make themselves feel justified in their behavior.
  6. I hate all forms of abuse.  I hate child abuse.  I hate physical abuse.  I hate emotional abuse.  I hate verbal abuse.  All forms of abuse are valid.  Just because you don't hit someone doesn't mean you didn't abuse them.  It just makes you smarter than the average douche bag because you didn't leave a physical mark.  In some ways, it makes you worse than the average abuser.  You know how to try and beat the system.
  7. I hate judgmental people.  This is particularly true for those who claim any particular religious view.  If God had one true religion, he would have made sure any other religious texts burst into flames as soon as someone deemed it a religious text.  "No, mother fucker...I did NOT say that."  -boom-  You do not have the market on morality, marriage, sexuality, or the after life.  If you'd do a little research you would find out that most religions have their own version of the "golden rule."  You'd find that even those who do not believe in God or participate in a religion also know how to be decent people.  While it is fair to make a judgment call and not participate in the activities you don't agree with, it is not fair to judge someone as hell bound or sinful because you have a magic book written in a different time.  If we're going to go off of the validity of old books, I can probably find a book to justify any behavior.  Then you'd say, "But we live in a different time."  Well, yes we do...and that's why your religious text means very little to me.  If you want to be a good person, simply act like one because it's the right thing to do and not based on fear.

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