Sunday, June 1, 2014

Obligatory Introduction Post

Well, this is by no means my first blog. It's more like a blind date with your best friend's sister's cousin's brother's uncle's neighbor. I think I'll just do this bullet style. Meaning that while this isn't my first date with a blog, it's still just as awkward to introduce myself here as it was years ago.

  • My original blog as a freelance writer can be found here. The change was necessitated for a couple of reasons. I'll discuss those later. I'm not removing that blog as it includes some lovely writing samples. I won't repost them directly to this  blog because I know that search engines penalize for duplicate content. 
  • I am a full time freelance writer. My credentials can be found here.
  • I am a published poet. My work can be found in the December 2013 edition of CandleLit Journal. 
  • I am a published author. I've written one novel, two poetry chapbooks, and the very short and amazing Crash Course Freelance Writing guide. 
  • I am most likely the most honest person you will ever meet. I'm like your grandma...but my boobs don't touch my knees or disappear into my arm pits. Just like your grandma, I love you enough to tell you the truth about's just that this time it's about the freelance lifestyle. 
  • I am a practicing witch. Read: I am not a Christian. Read: the devil is a creation of the Christians and y'all can keep him. We don't believe in him and we don't want him. I believe that people are responsible for their own actions, good and bad, and I know the Bible better than you do. However, I have no problem with any faith that is different from mine or those with no religious belief system. It's all good. I'm Wiccan, my husband is Buddhist, our 16 year old is Atheist, our 13 year old is Pentecostal, and our 4 year old just doesn't care. 
  • I've lived an interesting 35 years on this earth. 
The rest you will come to learn from the posts. Clearly this place is under construction. Make sure that you wear a helmet for your protection. I'd hate for you to get a concussion from being hit in the head with the truth. Freelancing is great, but it is a lifestyle...and it is NOT for everyone. 

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