Friday, February 27, 2015

WAHM Lesson #3 - Always have a business card on hand.

This disclaimer will be part of every WAHM Lesson. While these are true things that I've experienced as a work at home mom, many are written to make you laugh. They may or may not have happened in the order that they are listed. So, why is there a disclaimer? Because I know certain people that read this blog simply looking for dirt. Good luck with that. You won't find any. Go away and worry about your own life. For everyone that's here to read, learn, and laugh...welcome. Feel free to comment.

WAHM Lesson #3 - Always have a business card on hand.

In my business card case, I usually carry four or five. Today, during the snowpocalypse I decided to stop by Taco Bell near my house. I went through the drive thru and the exchange went something like this:

TB - Hi, how are you today?

Me - I'm fine, thank you. How are you?

TB - There's no place I'd rather be.

Me - You're a fucking liar.

TB - You're right. My window has the north facing wind and snow blowing in when I open it. May I take your order?

Me - I would like two Crunch Wrap Supremes and a medium Mountain Dew.

TB - Okay. That's two Crunch Crap Supremes and a medium Mountain Doodle. (total) You'll pay at the second window.

---at the second window---

TB - I don't say this often, but I love you. I hate most everyone.

Me - That's nice. It's also the natural course of business. There are times when I hate everyone and I'm self employed...well, except I really like the guy that paid me almost $200 to write his paper on fracking.

TB - You write papers?

Me - Yes. I write more than that, but that was a nice, cushy gig.

TB - Are you serious? My wife is finishing her dissertation and it's driving her crazy. Are you able to write and edit highly educated and technical work?

Me - Well, I'd hope so or my last client is really fucked. The paper was for a master's level course. I assure you I'm competent. I have a degree and I am a former college professor.

TB - Holy shit! I think it's my lucky day!

I gave him my last two business cards. He thanked me profusely because apparently his wife is losing her mind over the dissertation.

Moral: always engage with people who engage with you...and always have a business card with you!

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