Friday, January 16, 2015

WAHM Lesson #2 - Interruptus Maximus

This disclaimer will be part of every WAHM Lesson. While these are true things that I've experienced as a work at home mom, many are written to make you laugh. They may or may not have happened in the order that they are listed. So, why is there a disclaimer? Because I know certain people that read this blog simply looking for dirt. Good luck with that. You won't find any. Go away and worry about your own life. For everyone that's here to read, learn, and laugh...welcome. Feel free to comment.

So, during this last week I was reminded again that working from home isn't about the ability to work without interruptions. It ends up being an attempt to work around interruptions. Usually, we have a pretty good flow on the weeks that the tiny one is home with us. However, this week was totally unusual. We had more than our general share of things that happen when you work from home with children. It's been a week of anytime work has been commenced (or was perceived as being commenced), that shenanigans occurred.

Parents, it's a good thing to pay attention to your children. However, it is not a good thing that you make them the total center of attention 24/7. Otherwise, you will raise a high maintenance person who won't be able to function in society because they will learn life isn't all about them. Well, I really didn't mean for this to turn into a parenting lesson...but that's what it is. Yes, they really are only little once. However, they learn a lot of things when they are little (including manipulation). So, if you want your children to grow up to be more well adjusted then you must teach them self reliance and not try to keep them as a baby forever. That is for any child regardless of their developmental progress. You should encourage your children to the best they can in their abilities and always push for them to learn a little bit more (not in a mean way). Don't limit your children...or they will then start to limit themselves. You become their learning limitation...that voice in their head that tells them they aren't capable.

Anyway, so - the interruptus maximus spirit has invaded House of Punk this week. During the first part of the week it wasn't that big of a deal because it usually straightens itself out as the tiny one realizes he doesn't have to act out to get attention. In fact, he has his on toy laptop to work with me. I call him my personal assistant o'fun. On Wednesday, I learned that it is entirely possible for me to write more than 2k words in an hour. My previous record was around 1800 words. That night I wrote around 2600 words in an hour. I'm really thankful for clients who provide good research.

So, make sure you have a plan...realize that if you work from home and interruptus maximum moves in with you or visits on a weekly basis that you must have a plan to deal with it. This may include, but is not limited to, working when the kids are asleep. Yeah, I said it. You'll actually have to be sleep deprived if you aren't sleep deprived already. The thing to remember is how much you want or need to be able to make an income from home...and that it's more than work - this is a lifestyle.

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