Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 2 - Thrive Sample Review

So, I'm a day behind. Yesterday was day two...and absolutely crazy. Yesterday, in general, was a rough, rough day for me. I had a ton of work (which is a good problem to have). I don't think I would have felt overwhelmed at all if it wouldn't have been for the fact that for the third time this week, I woke up to the dog destroying things in the living room. This time: coloring books met their sad, sad end. I've never done well waking up to loud noises. It puts me on edge.

Anyway, I took my Thrive W around 8 am. Then, about 20 minutes later I applied the patch. I did not use the shake mix since I don't have any rice milk. Although it didn't improve my mood (and I wasn't expecting it to do that), my focus was better. Usually, when I wake up in freak-out mode, it is hard for me to focus. It's like the ADD goes into overdrive. It makes it really hard to even use hyperfocus as a gift instead of a pain in my ass.

So, over all...I did notice a difference. I was able to focus. Eventually I got everything done that needed to be done. I felt much better in general after my husband got home from work. As far as how Bull felt on day one...he liked it. He sweats a lot at his job. He had put the patch on his back and it fell off. For his day two, he placed the patch on the back of his leg. It worked better. He definitely seemed less tired than he usually is after his 12+ hour day in a warehouse environment.

I think we are definitely fans. Today is actually day three. He forgot to take his. I took my vitamins for the day. I haven't put the patch on yet. I'm running late in my usual schedule, but I guess that's a benefit (and a curse) of being self employed.

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