Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Le-Vel Products - Day 1 Review

Recently, my friend Tracy sent my husband and me a three day sample pack of Le-Vel Thrive. Bull took his this morning before he went to work...and I won't know anything about what he thinks until he gets back home this evening. 

I've always been a bit of a skeptic and a realist. I do go into things with an open mind. I am not expecting some sort of miracle. If I could name any outcome that could possibly happen, it would simply be to not be totally exhausted all of the time. 

Living with Wolff Parkinson White (an electrical problem with the heart) and microvascular disease is a pain in my ass. I may be fine one minute and then totally exhausted. My blood pressure could be fine in the morning or it could be high or narrow...or high and narrow. My pulse could be 60 or 160 at any given moment...even with meds. It's not much fun. I've always had problems with fatigue and insomnia. I've always struggled to develop a strong immune system. 

As it stands, I take a beta blocker twice each day, a statin once per day (to help with chest pain), aspirin twice each day, a potassium supplement (because doctors can't figure out why my body wastes potassium), and nitro if needed. Then, I take vitamin C, grape seed extract, and a lot of B12. Sometimes it is still just about all I can do to stay awake. Yet, if I fall asleep...I can't stay asleep or I have poor sleep quality. 

So for the sake of the possibility of more energy, I said what the hell...let's try the samples. 

Around 9 am I took the pack on the far right. It has two vitamins in it. I sat back down immediately because I was also waiting for the beta blocker to do its damn job and stop my heart from racing. 

Around 9:15 am, I actually felt a little bit better. That was a nice change. I usually don't feel better until after about an hour of taking the beta blocker. So, I made the protein shake on the far left. I had my doubts about it. First of all, I hate protein shakes. They taste awful. They're heavy. I hate them. However, for the sake of the full experience...I made it. The problem is that I only have full fat milk on hand. The flavor of the shake is vanilla. It's not bad, but if you just mix it with milk it is really, really grainy. Of course, that could probably have been fixed had I used a blender or something. I couldn't finish the whole shake it was very filling. 

Around 9:50 am I was pretty sick to my stomach. I don't think it was the shake. I'm pretty sure it was the milk. I've never been able to drink milk without being sick. I haven't even tried to drink milk (until today) in probably 20 years. I guess tonight I'll go get some rice milk. I know I can drink it without being sick. I put on the energy patch. I put it near my rib cage...mostly because my arms are covered in really fine hair and I don't enjoy having it ripped out. 

I've been in and out of the bathroom most of the day...but again - I'm blaming the milk. I've also been really full all day; in fact, I'm uncomfortably full. If I do another shake tomorrow, I'm only going to do half of it. I don't like feeling so full that I feel sick. I seriously don't know how people can eat until they make themselves sick. 

I have noticed steady energy all day. I'm still tired, but I'm not totally wiped out. I've been able to do almost all of the laundry, the dishes, take out the trash, and work. So, aside from the stomach upset...I'm relatively happy with day one. I can't wait to see what Bull thought of his sample later this evening. 

I haven't tried the thin packets you see in the middle that are made to mix into water. I might try one of those tomorrow instead of a shake. Before any of you ask, yes...I did have the permission of my doctor to do this. It has very few stimulants compared to other vitamins and supplements that are marketed for energy. 

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