Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Writing Gigs - Dec. 30, 2014

Hi everyone! First, an announcement: today and tomorrow (12/31) you can download Crash Course Freelance Writing for free by clicking this link. It's my gift to you for the holidays. Make next year your best year ever.

Business and Legal Writing

  1. Freelance Resume Writer
  2. Grant Writer 
  3. Financial Writer - Vanguard
  4. Money / Banking Reporter - Online Media
  5. Business Content Writers - Zebresearch

Content Writing

  1. Online Content Writer - Home Depot
  2. Marketing Writer - WunderLand Group
  3. Content Writer - Ablaze Technovision
  4. Content Writer (Canadian English)
  5. Freelance Content Writer - L2TMedia
  6. Web Content Writer - CyberCoders
  7. Freelancer Writers - Babygaga.com
  8. Real Estate Marketing Web Content


  1. Digital Copywriter - Manpower
  2. Copywriter - Possible
  3. Copywriter and Blogger - Vitamin T

Fashion and Beauty Writing

Medical Writing

  1. Senior Medical Writer - SLS Services

Professional Blogging

  1. Technology Blog Writer - Scrubly
  2. POS and Small Business Blogger - Prognostore
  3. Diet and Nutrition Blogger - Superfoodliving
  4. Health and Wellness Blog Writer
  5. Wine Blogger
  6. Casino and Gambling Blogger

Technical Writing

  1. Senior Technical Writer - Amazon
  2. Technical Writer - Santriya Technologies
  3. PT Technical Writer

Misc. Writing

  1. Freelance Writers and Editors - TripleCurve
  2. Ghostwriters - WebpageFX
  3. Creative Writer
  4. Write a Book
  5. Story Writer
  6. Real Estate Ghostwriter
  7. Paranormal Romance Writer
  8. Personal Wealth Management Book

Monday, December 29, 2014

WAHM Lesson #1 - Never Go Pee Alone

This disclaimer will be part of every WAHM Lesson. While these are true things that I've experienced as a work at home mom, many are written to make you laugh. They may or may not have happened in the order that they are listed. So, why is there a disclaimer? Because I know certain people that read this blog simply looking for dirt. Good luck with that. You won't find any. Go away and worry about your own life. For everyone that's here to read, learn, and laugh...welcome. Feel free to comment.

WAHM Lesson #1 - Never Go Pee Alone

I've been potty trained for 31 years. I've been wiping my own ass since I was six years old...so, 30 years. However, if you have a young child or a precocious child and you're a WAHM...you cannot go pee alone. Now, that doesn't mean your kid has to come in and supervise your tinkle time. It does, however, mean that you need to save your work and possibly make sure that your child is near or otherwise occupied. I mean...unless you like totally reformatting your work because your little helper decided that you work needed some artistic embellishment.

Yep, that's right. The entire ebook that I'm writing for a client was turned to the "Title" style in MS-Word. It's an easy fix...and yes...I laughed (and then told him to go play on the piano).

Sunday, December 21, 2014

I was around 11 years old when I came to the cognizant realization that I did not want to be like my biological parents...and that I did not want to remain in the ghetto for my entire life. By the time I was 11 and getting ready to enter into the sixth grade, I had attended nine schools. Nine.

My parents weren't in the military.

My parents did not move frequently for work.

My parents weren't gypsy-spirits with a sense of adventure.

My parents were drug addicts.

Every house we lived in either had no heat or no air conditioning...or both. Food was scarce most of the time. I can think back to times where I was happy to get a sandwich that was nothing more than a piece of bread with Miracle Whip spread on it. On a good week, we had cheese product (not real cheese). My biological father would often pass out from too many pills. My biological mother was often raging and high.

My brother is five years older than me. He was out of the house right after he turned 18. I was 12. I learned early in life to just stay out of the way or to just be out of the house as much as possible.

I was one of the only white girls not just in my neighborhood...but in the entire school during junior high. Despite my parents constant attempts to tell me how I would never amount to anything (they made bets with neighbors on which young girl in the neighborhood would get pregnant first), I came to the realization around the time that sixth grade started that there simply had to be a better life.

I participated in everything I could at school that was free. I was in orchestra. I was on the debate team. I stayed late to work on science and technology projects. I recorded literature for one of the English teachers. I did anything I could to stay out of the environment of the home and the hood.

Was I perfect? No. In fact, I was in many fights during junior high because of either the actions of my older brother at the high school (it's brutal to live in gang territory) or because I was being bullied. Despite the many mistakes I made in junior high, I kept my eye on the prize. Eventually, junior high was over and I made it to high school. Eventually, high school was over and I had the offer of scholarships (that I didn't take).

I can tell you from personal experience that if you want to break a cycle, you can. Age doesn't matter. Race doesn't matter. Working online evens the playing field. If you're a good writer, then you're a good writer. It doesn't matter nearly as much if you have a criminal record when you're self employed. It doesn't matter if you're a minority. To clients, you're just a person that can get the job done that they don't have to hold out taxes on or cover with benefits.

Attending bad schools really doesn't matter, either. All you need is a desire to learn. I went to some of the worst schools and the most dangerous schools in the state. I've seen people get shot and stabbed within the confines of a school that had metal detectors. None of that matters. What matters is if you want to learn. Do you want to learn? Do you have the desire to change your life? You can do it.

If you're ready to start making a change for the better, you can pick up my book for only .99 cents for Kindle or in PDF. You can start researching businesses. You can begin to change your life. Nothing is stopping you but you. You are your own problem....and you are your own solution.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Writing Gigs

Wow. It's been 12 days since I cleaned out my email. I have 210 emails again. Each email has at least one job. Most have 15 or more. If you like what you see here and you want to learn how to get as many leads as I do (and you don't even see all of the gigs I see), then pick up Crash Course Freelance Writing today for Kindle for just .99 cents. If you don't have a Kindle, the Kindle reader is free or you can pick it up from Gumroad in PDF format. Yep, there's also a printed version.

Business and Legal Writing

  1. Social Media Writers - Social5
  2. Freelance Writers - SmartBrief
  3. Web Writer (on site) - Moneymorning.com
  4. Economic Writer - Intl Business Times
  5. Business Plan Writer ($20 / hour)
  6. Category Descriptions
  7. Internet Security Writer - Purch
  8. CV Makeover
  9. Legal Writer - Thomson Reuters
  10. News Article
  11. Write a Business Email
  12. Business Writer

Content Writing

  1. Part Time Creative Writer - Office Ninjas
  2. Managing Editor and Content Writer - Office Ninjas
  3. Content Writer - ITL USA
  4. Content Strategist
  5. Writer and Editor
  6. Web Content
  7. Web Content: IT Company
  8. Content Writer - The Clark Associates
  9. Web Content Writer - The Creative Group
  10. Article Writing ($20 / hour)
  11. Content Writer
  12. Content Writers
  13. Content Creator


  1. Freelance Copywriter - Totokaelo
  2. E-commerce Copywriter - FW Webb Co. 
  3. Copywriter
  4. Copywriter - Strava HQ
  5. Copywriter - Michael Kors

Education and Academic Writing

  1. PT English Proficiency Test Writer
  2. Remote SAT Expert Blogger

Fashion and Beauty Writing

  1. Beauty Posts

Health and Wellness Writing

  1. Creative Dental Ebook
  2. Personal Training and Fitness Posts

Professional Blogging

  1. How to Blogger
  2. Blog Manager for Online Ticketing Website
  3. Motivated Writer and Social Media Bloggers
  4. Fashion Blogger

Technical Writing

  1. Technical Writer
  2. Technical Writer - Booz Allen

Travel Writing

  1. Travel Writers

Misc. Writing Jobs

  1. Proofreader - Mediaforta
  2. Content Editor - CarFax
  3. Children's Writer and Editor
  4. Ghostwriter for Religious Book
  5. Teen Romance Novella
  6. Spiritual Ghostwriter
  7. BEERS Writer

I want to work from home!*

"I want to work from home!*" is a common exclamation that I hear from people. They want to spend leisurely mornings in their pajamas and only work when they "feel like it." They want to take long lunches and hot baths during the afternoon. I hear all of the things that they want to be able to do...but I never hear about the actual work they will do. This is generally because they just "don't know" what they can do from home (which is a load of crap).

Then, they ask for me to help them find something they can do from home. I totally understand that it can be a hard task to find a legitimate work from home job. I said job and not a business. So, from that perspective I do understand why new people need help. What usually happens is that I begin sending them leads and then they find reasons why they can't or won't do them.

If I send them a lead on a virtual call center that is hiring, they don't want to "do sales" or "call center" work. They don't want to "have a set schedule."

If I send them a writing lead, they "don't know how to write."

If I send them a lead on being a virtual assistant or project manager, they don't want the "drama" that comes from taking orders from someone else.

Please understand that now when I hear someone say to me, "I want to work from home!*" that the asterisk is for the following:

"I don't really want to work. I just want to get paid for doing nothing because clearly that's how everyone gets paid."

If you want to work from home, sometimes you take what you can find while you look for or figure out what you truly want to do from home. There is nothing wrong with working for a virtual call center. Even Apple hires people to work from home....so does American Express. It sure as hell beats sitting in a cubicle, doesn't it? Yet, everyone wants to bitch about it if it's an option for them. A virtual call center is one of the easiest jobs to get. You need very little to get started besides a computer, a headset, and a relatively quiet work place.

I know, I know...there's your next excuse, "I have kids and pets and they don't know how to be quiet!" Well, god forbid you learn to work around their schedule. Yes, that does mean that you will work nights. Do you want to work from home or not?

Here's the deal about other work from home jobs (and even many virtual call center jobs such as with 1-800Flowers)....so many people want to work from home that this is just as competitive (if not more so) than a traditional job. Thankfully, lazy people that have excuses (and yes...they are excuses - we are all tired...we all have other responsibilities...but you either want to work from home or you don't) make it easier on the rest of us. You don't last or you just don't get the job.

Working from home doesn't mean working whenever in the hell you want. Most work from home jobs (jobs...not businesses) still require some sort of a schedule. Time management is your friend. When you learn to adhere to a schedule, you teach your children an important lesson: life is not free and we make decisions in order to make a living. Toys and food are not free.

You do not get paid for doing nothing. You do not wake up rich. If you want to make money from home then you get to work...just like the rest of us. Get over it or get back into the traditional work force.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Writing Leads

As an early Christmas present for all of you, I've dropped the price on Crash Course Freelance Writing. As a download on Gumroad and as a Kindle ebook, it is now just .99 cents. Don't wait - now is the time to prepare for your launch as a freelance writer in 2015!

Business and Legal Writing

  1. Legal Copywriter and Blogger - The Rainmaker Institute
  2. Researcher, Editor, & Writer - Legal Services Corporation
  3. Business Plan
  4. Freelance Writer - Maritz
  5. Business Writer - Gap International
  6. Staff Engagement Writing
  7. Business Plan for Music Studio
  8. Business Plan
  9. Curriculum Vitae
  10. Freelance Writers for Financial News Site
  11. Business Ghostwriter
  12. Freelance Business Plan Writer

Content Writing

  1. Content Writer - Mindteck
  2. Web Content Writer - Reputation.com
  3. Web Content Writer and Editor - Realtruck.com
  4. Content Writer for Business
  5. Content Writer - Adap.tv
  6. Writer - Working America
  7. Content Writer - FX Firm
  8. Cooking Articles
  9. Content Writer - Pyramid
  10. Nightlife Memphis Writer - Thrillist
  11. Genealogy Writer


  1. Freelance Copywriter - The Aspen Brands Company
  2. Copywriter - SRVR LLC
  3. Freelance Copywriter - Zocalo Group
  4. Copywriter

Education Writing

  1. English / Language Arts Item Writer - WestEd
  2. Freelance Academic Writers - Acad Write

Medical Writing

  1. Medical Writer - Covance
  2. Medical Writer
  3. Medical Writer - WebMD

Professional Blogging

  1. Professional Blogger
  2. Food Blogger
  3. Food Blogging
  4. Events and Entertainment Blogger
  5. Education Blogger

Technical Writing

  1. Technical Writer - Centrify
  2. Technical Writer - CTG
  3. Technical Writer - ProVenue

Miscellaneous Writing

  1. Review Essay
  2. Freelance News Writer
  3. Morning Technology News Reporter
  4. Guided Meditation Writer