Monday, December 29, 2014

WAHM Lesson #1 - Never Go Pee Alone

This disclaimer will be part of every WAHM Lesson. While these are true things that I've experienced as a work at home mom, many are written to make you laugh. They may or may not have happened in the order that they are listed. So, why is there a disclaimer? Because I know certain people that read this blog simply looking for dirt. Good luck with that. You won't find any. Go away and worry about your own life. For everyone that's here to read, learn, and laugh...welcome. Feel free to comment.

WAHM Lesson #1 - Never Go Pee Alone

I've been potty trained for 31 years. I've been wiping my own ass since I was six years, 30 years. However, if you have a young child or a precocious child and you're a cannot go pee alone. Now, that doesn't mean your kid has to come in and supervise your tinkle time. It does, however, mean that you need to save your work and possibly make sure that your child is near or otherwise occupied. I mean...unless you like totally reformatting your work because your little helper decided that you work needed some artistic embellishment.

Yep, that's right. The entire ebook that I'm writing for a client was turned to the "Title" style in MS-Word. It's an easy fix...and yes...I laughed (and then told him to go play on the piano).

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