Monday, December 15, 2014

I want to work from home!*

"I want to work from home!*" is a common exclamation that I hear from people. They want to spend leisurely mornings in their pajamas and only work when they "feel like it." They want to take long lunches and hot baths during the afternoon. I hear all of the things that they want to be able to do...but I never hear about the actual work they will do. This is generally because they just "don't know" what they can do from home (which is a load of crap).

Then, they ask for me to help them find something they can do from home. I totally understand that it can be a hard task to find a legitimate work from home job. I said job and not a business. So, from that perspective I do understand why new people need help. What usually happens is that I begin sending them leads and then they find reasons why they can't or won't do them.

If I send them a lead on a virtual call center that is hiring, they don't want to "do sales" or "call center" work. They don't want to "have a set schedule."

If I send them a writing lead, they "don't know how to write."

If I send them a lead on being a virtual assistant or project manager, they don't want the "drama" that comes from taking orders from someone else.

Please understand that now when I hear someone say to me, "I want to work from home!*" that the asterisk is for the following:

"I don't really want to work. I just want to get paid for doing nothing because clearly that's how everyone gets paid."

If you want to work from home, sometimes you take what you can find while you look for or figure out what you truly want to do from home. There is nothing wrong with working for a virtual call center. Even Apple hires people to work from does American Express. It sure as hell beats sitting in a cubicle, doesn't it? Yet, everyone wants to bitch about it if it's an option for them. A virtual call center is one of the easiest jobs to get. You need very little to get started besides a computer, a headset, and a relatively quiet work place.

I know, I know...there's your next excuse, "I have kids and pets and they don't know how to be quiet!" Well, god forbid you learn to work around their schedule. Yes, that does mean that you will work nights. Do you want to work from home or not?

Here's the deal about other work from home jobs (and even many virtual call center jobs such as with 1-800Flowers) many people want to work from home that this is just as competitive (if not more so) than a traditional job. Thankfully, lazy people that have excuses (and yes...they are excuses - we are all tired...we all have other responsibilities...but you either want to work from home or you don't) make it easier on the rest of us. You don't last or you just don't get the job.

Working from home doesn't mean working whenever in the hell you want. Most work from home jobs (jobs...not businesses) still require some sort of a schedule. Time management is your friend. When you learn to adhere to a schedule, you teach your children an important lesson: life is not free and we make decisions in order to make a living. Toys and food are not free.

You do not get paid for doing nothing. You do not wake up rich. If you want to make money from home then you get to work...just like the rest of us. Get over it or get back into the traditional work force.

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