Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 3 - Le-Vel Thrive Review

Yesterday was day three for us. I took only one of the two vitamins because I noticed that the package said to take one or two. Since I'm still waiting on my actual shipment to get here, I only took one. I felt pretty good. My mood was great. I was super focused. Bull and I have decided that it is worth the around $4 per day for me to feel this good. He's feeling pretty damn good, too. He doesn't like the shake mix. He doesn't like the Activate or the Boost that can be mixed into drinks. He does love the vitamins and the DFT patch. I like the patch as well. I've learned with the shake that I shouldn't try to use the whole packet. It's just too much for me. Today I used about a fourth of it. Bull couldn't find rice milk (apparently it is no longer kept in the dairy aisle like it was when I was a kid) so he came home with soy milk. Can't say I'm a fan of soy milk. I am drinking it. I added a bit of vanilla so that I can stand to drink it.

We decided that I should sign up as a distributor because then I get the vitamins, patches, and everything else for less. It's certainly not a cure, but I'll take how I feel over how I used to feel any day of the week. It's free to sign up.

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