Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Writing Gigs

This last month has been insane in terms of managing my time. Remember that if you want to get jobs for yourself, you should check out Crash Course Freelance Writing. It's only $1 for a digital copy. It's available on Gumroad and on Kindle.

Business and Legal Writing

  1. Write telephone sales script 
  2. Write a CV
  3. Text script for YouTube video marketing
  4. Write a PR
  5. Promotional Writer - Liberty University
  6. Content Editor - Wolters Kluwer
  7. Legal Copywriting
  8. Business plan writer

Content Writing

  1. Website text for renewable energy website
  2. SEO Content Writer - WebiMax
  3. Web Content Writer
  4. Articles about SUVs and cross over vehicles
  5. List style articles
  6. Survival article
  7. Website content writer


  1. Creative Copywriter - BuzzFeed

Fashion and Beauty Writing

  1. Experienced beauty blogger needed

Medical Writing

  1. Physiotherapy manual therapy writer
  2. Documentation Writer - UnitedHealth

Professional Blogging

  1. Blog post for business website
  2. Expert blogger for ongoing projects
  3. Blogger - Performancing
  4. Curvy and plus size bloggers for Splendour Magazine
  5. Psychology blogger
  6. Health blogger
  7. Multiple blog posts

Travel Writing

  1. Travel writer

Misc. Writing Related Gigs

  1. Online content writer and community manager
  2. Podcast show note creator
  3. Ebook writer
  4. Evernote ebook
  5. Short supernatural horrors ghostwriter

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