Friday, February 27, 2015

Writing Gigs

It's been another really busy week here in House of Punk. I had to turn down a last minute business plan writing gig. I simply didn't have time (or the desire) to do something incredibly last minute. If you know someone who plans on attending a trade show, then they need to have their business plan complete far before they go. It's a lot of stress to do it last minute particularly when they don't have all of the information on hand for the financial section. Maybe I'll talk about business plans in another post.

Anyway, if you check out Gumroad today (Feb. 27) then you'll find something cool.

Business and Legal Writing

  1. Financial Writer - Artisan Creative
  2. SEO Article Writer
  3. Digital Marketing Writer
  4. Remote Legal Blogger
  5. Ghostwriter for entrepreneurship book
  6. Curriculum workbook for business course

Content Writing

  1. Staff Writer - TV Guide
  2. Human Interest Writer - Bauer Media Group
  3. Junior Writer - 24 Seven
  4. Content Coordinator - Wargaming America
  5. Entry Level Creative Services Writer - Greenway Health
  6. Content Marketing Writer - Rightside
  7. Writer and Editor - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  8. Web Content Writer - The Creative Group


  1. Copywriter - Backcountry
  2. Copywriter for new dating website

Food Writing

  1. Freelance Food Writer -

Music Writing

  1. EDM Writer

Professional Blogging

  1. Filmmaker Blog Article Writer - 20 Questions Film
  2. Healthy living bloggers wanted
Technical Writing

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