Saturday, June 14, 2014

A day in my life...

--Note: This is originally from last year on my now defunct blog that was hosted by WordPress that they decided to hold hostage since I wouldn't renew my domain through them...---

I thought I would give all of you a glimpse into the 
mundane glamorous life of a freelancer.

9:00 am - There's a loud crash.  The four year old is up and throwing things down the stairs.

9:15 am - Feed him cereal.

9:30 am - Clean up vomit because he throws up in his bowl.

9:35 am - Bleary eyed 13 year old mohawk punk boy comes into the kitchen.

9:40 am - Help punk boy find the waffles.

10:00 am - Take punk boy out on the porch and spray paint his hair with hair paint.  He's now gold and glittery.

10:15 am - Dishes and kitchen cleaning.  Start work in my brain about articles.

10:45 am - Take a shower and continue brain work.  Also think about the seminar I will host.  Try out some new one liners in the shower.

11:00 am - Make pancakes for husband.  Yes, sometimes I enjoy being Little Suzy Homemaker.  Answer various inquiries about my paralegal business.

11:20 am - Start this blog post while still contemplating today's articles.

12:30 pm - Prepare for a call for another client...that was cancelled at the last minute.

1:00 pm - Stomp up the stairs to get dressed.

1:20 pm - Load up car with husband, punk boy, and the itty bit.  Head to the skate park.

2:00 pm - Itty bit and I watch punk boy and husband jump the fence at the skate park with all the other law breakers.  No clue why it was shut down.

5:00 pm - Come home to make dinner.

5:30 pm - Start thinking about the article again and decide to stop procrastinating.

5:35 pm - Alternate between trying to find out why itty bit is so quiet and writing my article.

6:30 pm - Dinner.

See?  Isn't that exciting?  What an exciting's okay that you're jealous.

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