Sunday, November 2, 2014

Writing Gigs

Well, the wheel of the year continues to turn. We pagans celebrated the year's end and ushered in the new year. I know that many of you are preparing for 2015. Many of you are dreaming of a new life as a freelance writer instead of spending your time in a cubicle. You can learn how to find your own freelance gigs via this instant download.

Business and Legal Writing

  1. Business Plan
  2. Ghostwrite a Business Book
  3. Ghostwrite Business Blog Articles
  4. Living Wills / Advanced Decisions Pamphlet

Beauty and Fashion Writing

  1. Men's Grooming Writer - The Wirecutter
  2. Beauty Writer - The Wirecutter
  3. Freelance Fashion Writer
  4. Unique Fashion Blog

Content Writing

  1. Web Content Writer (must be in the Philadelphia area. Pay is up to $18 / hr)
  2. Freelance Writer - UrbanBound
  3. Web Content Writer - CRGT
  4. Content Writers in Multiple Areas - TruStory Media
  5. Freelance Latino Celebrity News Writers 
  6. Content for Dog Website
  7. Health and Safety Content Writer

Educational Writing

  1. Science Writer - The Wirecutter

Medical Writing

Professional Blogger

Sports Writing

  1. Yankees Beat Writer - NJ Advance Media

Technical Writing

  1. Technical Writing - Danfoss
  2. PC and PC Accessory Writers - The Wirecutter

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