Monday, October 27, 2014

Almost Halloween Jobs

Hi everyone. It's almost Samhain. For we pagans, that is the start of the New Year. I hope your New Year is filled with lots and lots of writing.

Things here are busy as usual. I have more than 200 emails (yes, again). I had a great idea to handle the emails more efficiently...but my brain decided I needed a vacation to the stroke ward of the hospital. I am eight days post stroke. I haven't lost any motor functions or speech functions. They think they know what caused it...but I was very blessed by the Universe to come home with no lasting effects. With that said, here are some jobs for you.

Remember, you can learn how to find your own jobs by purchasing my book Crash Course Freelance Writing. You can do an instant download or even buy the print version. The print version is available on Amazon. The PDF is an instant download through Gumroad.

Business and Legal Writing
  1. Acquisition Editor, Business
  2. Legal Contracts, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and NDA
  3. Write a Business Plan
  4. Write a Business Plan
  5. Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy
  6. Business Writer - Matrix, Inc.
Content Writing
  1. Content Writer - NPE
  2. Blog and Social Media Posts - 4Walls
  3. Contract Content Writer - Performancing
  4. Morning Content Manager
  5. Web Content Writing
  6. Content Writer for Business
  7. Content Writer and Editor - TMobile
  8. Website Content
  9. Content Writer: Marketing
  10. Content Writer: Beer
Educational Writing
  1. Curriculum Developer - Hack the Hood
  2. Finish a Dissertation
  3. Copywriter I - Rosetta Stone
  4. Science Writer - BuzzFeed

Fashion Writing
Music Writing
  1. Daily Music Writer - Vulture
  2. Music Blogger and Reviewer - Stardust Entertainment
Professional Blogger
  1. iOS and Android Expert
  2. Technical Writer - KellyMitchell
  3. Technical Newsletter
  4. Writer - 1st Web Designer

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