Monday, October 20, 2014

Writing Gigs and Updates

Hi everyone! First, a few updates (yes, I know that by posting the updates first that my title should be rewritten. Team Free Spirit).

In the last 30 days, I've been featured twice on The Ed Tyll Show. You can visit my portfolio and scroll to the bottom of this page and listen. The option for Live Chat doesn't work right. You can contact me by going to the contact page.

Crash Course Freelance Writing is now available directly through Amazon! The printed version is at a special discounted rate. Yes, it is still available as an instant download.

Last announcement...people pay me for my business expertise. If you want to get some of that expertise for free, you can now read it here. I do offer coaching and consulting for freelance writers (and other businesses). It's easy to get started. You can just use the contact form on my portfolio.

Now to the part I know you've all been waiting for...writing gigs.

Business and Legal Writing

  1. Investment Writer
  2. 5 Year Business Plan
  3. Business Plan for Milkshake Company
  4. Write a LinkedIn Profile
  5. Marketing Content Writer - MaxPoint
  6. Investment Writer - Janus Capital Group

Content Writing

  1. Content Writing: Cufflinks
  2. Bitcoin Gaming Writer
  3. Digital Contract Writer 
  4. Content Writer - GloboForce


  1. Copy for eCommerce Website
  2. Web Copy

Education Writing

  1. Curriculum Writer (Math) - edmentum

Professional Blogging

  1. Online Technology Blogger - Rant, Inc.
  2. Online Travel Blogger - Rant, Inc.
  3. Online Gamer Blogger - Rant, Inc.
  4. Online Food Blogger - Rant, Inc.
  5. Online Finance Blogger - Rant, Inc.
  6. Online Dating Blogger - Rant, Inc.
  7. Online Music Blogger - Rant, Inc.
  8. Blogger Outreach Specialist
  9. Tech Blogger
  10. Travel and Education Blogger
  11. Marriage Blogger
  12. Political Blogger - NPR
  13. Blogger

Sports Writing

  1. Writer - Sports Report Pages

Social Media Writing

Technical Writing

Miscellaneous Industry Related

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