Thursday, November 20, 2014

Freelance Writing Gigs

I have close to 200 emails. I thought I'd take a little time and go through them (finally). If you're new, each email has at least one gig. Most have at least 20 in them. That's a lot of potential. If you want to overwhelm your email, you can pick up a digital copy of Crash Course Freelance Writing through Gumroad. Unfortunately, I simply don't have enough time to post all the potential gigs that pay here on the site.

Academic Writing

  1. Freelance Writer - SimpleTense

Business and Legal Writing

  1. Legal Copywriter
  2. Social Media Writer (on-site) - Market America

Content Writing

  1. Website Content
  2. Content Writer - Fino Consulting
  3. SEO Content Writer - Bisk Education


  1. Fiction Ghostwriter

Health Writing

  1. Experienced Health and Wellness Writer

Medical Writing

  1. Senior Medical Writer
  2. Medical Writer - Critical Path, Inc.
  3. First Aid Blog

Professional Blogging

  1. German Blogger: medicine related
  2. NASCAR Blogger
  3. Online College Basketball Blogger
  4. Food Blogger
  5. Jewelry Blogger
  6. Bloggers - TalentZoo
Technical Writing

  1. Technical Writer
  2. Technical Writer - Puppet Labs

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