Saturday, September 13, 2014

Writing gigs

Here are some writing gigs out of the more than 200 emails in my inbox. The crazy thing is that I've deleted probably 200 or more emails since the last time I posted jobs. Maybe one day I will hammer out my schedule again to post these on a daily basis. Then again, maybe not. I suppose being busy is a good problem to have. Enjoy. Share the blog.

Article Writing

  1. IT Articles
  2. Buzzfeed type writer
  3. Prepaid phone writer
  4. Listicles
  5. List Writer -

Beauty and Fashion Writing

  1. Luxury Fashion and Style Contributor - Gritstyle
  2. Lots of beauty and fashion writing jobs

Business and Legal Writing

  1. Terms and Conditions for Website
  2. E-commerce writing
  3. Business plan
  4. Contract
  5. Marketing Communications Writer
  6. Social Media Writer - Hobby Lobby
  7. Company profile
  8. Social media content writing
  9. Financial writer
  10. Rewrite terms and conditions
  11. Disclaimer
Content Writing


  1. Copywriter: New Zealand culture
  2. Copywriter: news advertorial
  3. Dental copywriter
  4. Sales copywriting
  5. Education copywriter with SEO knowledge
  6. Senior Copywriter - SiriusXM
  7. Website contentwriting ($50 / hr)
  8. Food Copywriter ($27 / hr DOE)
  9. Marketing Copywriter - EcoLab, Inc.
  10. Copywriter: sales marketing
  11. SEO Writer: IT Technical 
Educational Writing

  1. PT Science Writer - New York Academy of Sciences
Professional Blogging

Proposal and Grant Writing

Technical Writing

Travel Writing

Miscellaneous Writing

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