Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Writing Gigs

I think that I'm going to try a new format. Let me know how you like it. Other writing lead websites use a similar format...and I think it will be beneficial. Too bad we can't just make a table here on Blogger. :) I'm putting together a live series on how to become a freelance writer. I've got my channels it's all about recording.

Academic Writing

  1. Academic assistant writing DBA thesis
  2. Honors level dissertation (10k - 15k words) 
  3. Re-write a short textbook (8k words)
  4. Academic re-write consultation
  5. Academic writing with extra research
  6. Science Writer - Northeastern University
  7. Freelance Science Writer (PT) - NY Academy of Sciences

Article Writing

  1. Magazine article writing
  2. Article writing - child's project
  3. Write an article for Firehouse Magazine


  1. Blogger
  2. Fitness blog post
  3. Food blogger

Business Writing
  1. Business plan for real estate company
  2. Four press releases
  3. Two business articles

Content Writing

  1. Content writing for business website
  2. Web Content Writer - iMarket Solutions
  3. Skin care and beauty writer
  4. Men's health content writer
  5. Web copy for luxury hotel
  6. Web content writing
  7. Auto Writers- CarsDirect
  8. Texas Freelance Writer
  9. Wedding enthusiast

Copy Writing

  1. Copy Writer - SmartBox
  2. Copy Writer for VC site
  3. Email Copy writing
  4. Minecraft Copywriter

E-commerce Writing

  1. Writers needed for new Ebay / Amazon style e-commerce market place


  1. Content for e-book
  2. Write an ebook (7k words for $70)
  3. Ebook writers for stock market trading
  4. Three billionaire romance novels (12k per story - $150)
  5. Write ebooks ($75 per 25 page ebook)
  6. Travels by an iron worker's daughter

Tech Writing

  1. Wireless Systems Technical Writer - Cohere Technologies
  2. API Technical Writer - Shift4
  3. Technical Writer - Priceline
  4. Technical Writer - Amazon
  5. Technical Writer - The Fountain Group

Travel Writing

  1. Write for travel mags and local paper about project
  2. Ghostwriting travel memoir (budget is $1500 for 125 pages)

Editing / Miscellaneous

  1. Edit 40 pages of PHd level psychology thesis
  2. Forum posting
  3. Writer, Social Media - iTrend LLC
  4. Online Content Editor
  5. Grant Writing

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