Friday, September 12, 2014

What a birthday...

So, today is my 36th birthday. I was going to be silly and say that today is the first anniversary of my 35th birthday, but getting older doesn't really bother me (except the flabby old lady arms I've seemed to develop overnight...clearly, I need to incorporate some light exercise into my life).

It's cooler today and the temperature is going to continue to drop. It's raining. These things are fine by me.

We are waiting on a plumber to address sporadic hot water issues we've had over the last few weeks. Hopefully blowing out the lines will work. I don't think it's the hot water heater although it might might just need a new heating element or need to be replaced altogether. We are taking the path of least resistance thus far.

This morning when Bull and I woke up (for those wondering, we get up around 5 am) we had no cold water either. -insert panic and freak out here- We stopped by OnCue on our way to drop him off at work...and they have a sign about a huge water main break. I was relieved and annoyed. That will make the plumber's job super fun. He can still blow out the lines, but we won't know if it worked until after the main is fixed.

Of course because we have no water, I decided to go ahead and go to Sprawl-mart to get some. I mean, with a dog and a five year kinda need water. I've heard that's important and I'm pretty sure that people would frown on giving the kid a bath in the rain (no, I really would not do that, creepers - it's a damn here to download a sense of humor). So, off to Sprawl-mart I go in my fuzzy hot pink pajama bottoms and red Minnie Mouse sweatshirt. I'm sure that my husband is now the envy of many men....because today he dressed better than his wife.

I was mortified to be at Sprawl-mart in pajamas. I don't know how people do that on a regular basis. That's not an "I don't give a fuck what you think" attitude. That's an "I'm too lazy to spend 30 seconds to throw on a pair of pants" attitude. If you aren't going in the middle of the night for an emergency, have some pride in yourself and put on some clothes.

The cashier knew I was mortified, but she knew why I was there. The water main break affected her, too. She said, "Don't worry - you still look better than half the people who come in here in their pajamas and at least you have an excuse." Thanks, lady, but while I am fine with blaming the water main break, I am not okay with this.

Oh well. I'll live. My husband has a nice evening planned for me. Some of my oldest and closest friends are coming. I've been invited to sample the fare at one of the hottest pizza spots in town. So, life is good.

There may be a few other rants and announcements later in the day, but I have to get some stuff done.

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