Friday, April 24, 2015

Take Your Kid to Work Day - Freelancer Edition

So, April 23, 2015 was Take Your Kid to Work Day. I'm curious to know how other freelancers spent their day. Our five year old will sometimes bring his toy laptop and sit with me while I work. The older children aren't home this week. 

Just Because You Work From Home Doesn't Mean Your Kid Knows What You Do

It's pretty obvious the five year old isn't really aware of what I do...and at his age, he probably isn't interested in watching me do it. As far as the older kids, they know that I write and edit. Of course, as teenagers they know what those jobs include. Sometimes they take advantage of having a mom that is a professional editor. I've helped them with papers (the editing, not the writing). 

Do your children really know what you do as a self employed person? Show your kid what you do. Show them what is involved in being self employed...from the actual work that you do to the business activities such as accounting. Show your children what it really is that you do. This can help develop a love of self employment and can also expose them to more things besides what you actually do. They may not want to grow up and do what you do, but by you exposing them to everything that is involved you may be able to help them find other strengths and interests that can help shape their future. 

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