Saturday, August 9, 2014

Johnson & Johnson - No More Tears VoxBox

** I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.**

The other day I received an amazing surprise in the mail from Influenster. I received full size bottles of Johnson's Baby Shampoo with Conditioner, Leave In Conditioner, and the No More Tangles Spray. 

I absolutely love that Johnson's now offers a baby shampoo that has a little bit of conditioner in it. I know that some parents might think that's not necessary...because baby hair is so soft. However, sometimes hair can be so baby soft that it snags and tangles like no body's business. It's still tear free and since I have a kid who loves to stick his face in the bathwater, using tear free soap and shampoo is a must! 

I also love that they now offer a leave-in conditioner in a squeeze tube. I think out of the three products I received to review, that was my favorite (but we will get to that in a minute). Here in Oklahoma, it gets more than a little hot in the summer. It gets down right humid. You can give your kid a bath and get them looking absolutely perfect. It won't matter. Two minutes after being out in the Oklahoma heat, every dirt speck within a ten mile radius is now sticking to your child. Their once perfect hair is now a mess of snarls and snags. This little tube of awesome can easily go with you in a diaper bag or even in your purse. It doesn't take much...just squeeze a little into your hand. Then rub your hands together. Run it through your child's not so trendy messy 'do and you can comb those knots right back out! 

Speaking of the leave-in conditioner, it works well for adults with fine hair, too. I've used it in my hair and it stops fly aways. So, if you have fine hair that tangles easily...Johnson's Leave-In Conditioner works double duty for the same price. :) 

The No More Tangles Spray is just as great as it was when my grandmother used it on me more than 30 years ago. It also has a convenient way to lock the spray top. I actually use it on my 13 year old son's hair. It's very fine like mine, but is also naturally curly if left to grow out. Since he plays football, it's easy for his hair to tangle under his helmet at practice unless I spray his hair first. 

The only thing I did not like about this product was the smell. I am very particular about smells. My husband said that they smell like baby powder. I just don't like the smell. The kids don't mind the way it smells (not even the teen). It is definitely a product that we will buy in the future. 

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