Friday, July 11, 2014

Random Post

Sometimes life gets really busy. Don't ever think for one second that life as a freelancer of any sort is boring. I've learned from experience that it's often in extremes. You either have no work or too much work. I've decided going forward that I prefer too much work; I can always outsource to trusted people if I need to do so. I know some great writers in my area.

For those needing or wanting free business advice, check out Understanding the Law Radio. It's a free podcast. It's live on Mondays and Thursdays at 10:00 AM EST. You can call in to get free advice from a business attorney. We also discuss trending legal news. You can download podcasts and subscribe (free) through iTunes. Make sure you check that out. Peter Lamont is an amazing New Jersey business attorney.

Am I the only "Mama Bear" (as my four year old has started calling me today) who has a Baby Bear that has an insatiable desire to look for trouble when Mama Bear needs to work and Papa Bear is at work? :) It's always an adventure around here.

It's been too hot here...even for me. I love the heat. I don't regulate my body temperature well. As of last summer, I still slept on a heating pad to stay warm even in the summer (and with at least three quilts). Now when it gets really hot, I have to stay inside. Otherwise, I have a lot of issues with my heart.

Other cool stuff... The Chameleon Room and Leon's Lounge have a lot of great shows coming up in OKC. If you're near, you should check them out if you're local or even passing through. We even have touring bands that stop to play. However, I love our local music scene. We have a lot of talented musicians here.

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